november - 2017

Well, after several posts about getting ready to record.. I'M ACTUALLY IN THE STUDIO NOW!!!!

I've selected about 15 songs out of about 25 I've written over the past several months... and I'm halfway through recording three of them!  It always seems like an impossible task in the studio, to lay-down a definitive version of a song you've been playing live for a while.  I love recording, but it is much harder than playing live-shows.... I record the guitar part and the lead vocal separately to create isolation between the parts... in other words.. if you are singing and playing at the same time... the vocal mic picks up the guitar.. and the guitar mic picks up the vocal.. and if you mess up on either part.. well, you've got to do both parts over... it takes a lot of concentration to play a four minute song on the guitar or piano flawlessly..... and the closer you get to the end it becomes extremely nerve-racking... if you screw up a good engineer can 'punch' you in...

I will post rough mixes as I get them...      Peter Myers








"Arms Of Peace"     ..... a early demo from Hickory Street Studio I posted for my son Dylan who's working on the other side of the planet in China


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