This is the Music Licensing page for BMI Songwriter - Peter Myers.   The tracks listed below are complete versions of master recordings ready to listen to as often as you like.  Lyric Sheets and mp3 downloads are available by request using the contact section at the bottom of this page.   Your contact info is for my eyes only and will be used only to deliver song & lyric files to anyone interested in my song catalog. Any follow up will be at the users request.

 Any master recording listed here is available for licensing, as is... if you are interested in a song but... the genre or vocal-gender is not quite right for your use, a license is available to create your own master....
or contact me for production services @ Perfect-Music-Vision: 732.691.2020         -Peter   


Random Road: 

In The Gettin:

The Same As Now:  

Cedar Boat: 


Feel Good Day: 

Feathers On Your Shoes: 

10,000 Years:

One Trip Around The Sun: